Double Bed Blanket – The Perfect Blanket

Double Bed Blanket – The Perfect Blanket


After a long day at work, we all need to sit back and relax, for that a cozy and warm double bed blanket is a perfect choice. Blankets are an essential home item we need for chilly nights and cold Sundays. To get ready for hectic workdays you need to wake up fresh and energized and that is when blankets or kambals as we Pakistanis call them, come into play. A good blanket/throw will limit your movement, lower your heart rate and leave you with a safer feeling helping you fall asleep quicker.  

Before choosing a double bed blanket, consider the temperature you prefer before sleeping. Do you feel uneasy at night, always turning and getting up? Then a weighted blanket might be the right choice for you. Its weight will keep you warm and comfortable at night. 

When going blanket shopping, consider the material, there are two main materials you need to focus on. Fleece and flannel. Feel the material and notice which feels more relaxing at a touch. The perfect material will be warm enough to keep you comfortable but breathable enough to not accumulate moisture and sweat.

A blanket can also be used as a throw and the only significant difference is you could also use it for decorative purposes. When the blanket/throw is not wrapped around you at night, it could be draped on your sofa, or spread on your bed sheet, or stacked up on your bed. The color scheme you choose should be pleasing to the eyes and should complement your furniture giving your room a homely feel. 

With so many materials, sizes and designs to choose from, it can be a bit of a hassle to choose the perfect blanket. After extensive research and testing we have listed down the coziest and warmest blankets/throws for you to choose from.

Ranging in size, color and material you should know what suits you best.


If you are going for that ROYAL look then stop right here, this beautiful treasure double bed 1 ply heavy weight blanket will keep you warm and safe. This blanket will not only look stylish and royal but also give you a sense of calm putting your autonomic nervous system into “rest” mode, making you feel comfort like never before. .

Twilight Empire

This beautifully designed Kambal comes in double king sized and double bed sizes weighing 6.2kg. This imported blanket of the twilight brand is popular for its softness and unique designs. Buy this if you want to alleviate your interior and impress your guests. Its slushy material will not only leave your guests dazzled but also guarantees a peaceful sleep.

Snow Ball Cloudy Blanket

Popular for its thin sheets this blanket will be your partner all year. This illustrious double bed blanket comes in 5 different colors with its unique cloudy design and a mixture of 9 shades is bound to go with every interior

Warmo Flannel Blanket

Plush mink Warmo Flannel Blanket made with 3D Technique – can  also be used as a staggering throw blanket Throw ,It is popular for its  Super Soft material, and exotic designs made using 3-D technique. Its light material makes it Ideal for Air-Conditioned Rooms/Winter Season.

Supremo Flannel Blanket

This beauty Plushmink Supremo Flannel Embossed comes in two sizes double bed and king sized. This Flannel Fleece Blanket brings extra warmth and luxury for a day nap in bed or couch, perfect for indoor and outdoor use to supply constant warmth in chilly weather  Flannel Fleece Blanket provides similar softness and warmth for those who are sensitive to natural fibers.This is our most loved product all over Pakistan

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