Purist Korea Double Bed Blanket by Twilight -Brown


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When of the exclusive range of twilight  Purist Korea is available in Double Bed / Size 200×240 CMS heavy weight of 5 kgs range. Purist Korea is a top seller in warm places all over Pakistan.

Optimal Comfort

Extremely soft and warm blanket provides better comfort, softness, warmth and immersive satisfaction in winter season. You may embrace in softness and warmth on your bed. This blanket gives you just the right comfort in you sleep.

Decorate Function

Purist Korea is available in different colors and designs can decorate your bed. Different colors that complement your attractive furniture it just makes the look of your room very cozy and soft just right for your comfort.

Provide Warm:

With kids in the house and family who are continuously striving for right temperature in the room Purist Korea serves just right


100% man made. it provides very good warmth retention. Can guarantee to provide you with warmth in the cold winter.


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