WINTER WEDDINGS- A customer’s tail.

WINTER WEDDINGS- A customer’s tail.

WINTER WEDDINGS- A customer’s tail.


My cousin was getting married in December and this meant an occasion to visit Karachi, Pakistan. Brown winter weddings are the best and they are undoubtedly the most awaited events of the year. An occasion that brings the entire family together. Late-night games, gossip, movie nights, dance practices, bonfires, sleepovers with cousins, and much more. Everyone has a blast when they are together and cozy rooms are the perfect way to enjoy the winter season and weddings. A wedding in the family means lots of shopping and especially in winters, we not only need warm wedding outfits but also everything to keep us warm at our homes. Everyone’s comfort is the top priority of hosts in the wedding house or ‘Shaadi ka ghar’. As winters arrive, they are incomplete without blankets. Blankets or commonly referred to as ‘kambal’ are a must. The ‘Shaadi ka Ghar is full of guests and with guests staying there; they require a good sleeping environment for all. All mattresses or ‘gadday’ are placed in a room where the blankets provide the perfect warm and cozy ambiance.

All cousins stay up the entire night wrapped in their blankets watching a movie, judging others, or telling stories to each other. Fighting over the blanket overnight is also a part of building everlasting memories. Cousins’ sleepovers hold a very special place in our hearts, but their setup is quite ordinary. All they require is a big room with lots of space for the mattresses. ‘Gadday’ is laid over the entire room and any bed sheet available in the house is laid over them with whichever kambal is available. It is very normal for the Shaadi ka Ghar to have such sleepovers but the case for the bride’s bachelorette party was quite different. My cousin, who was the bride, had decided that all her bridesmaids (including me) would have a sleepover that night. The sleepover exclusively for her had to be special. The ordinary bed sheets and blankets were not enough for it. Thus, we began the preparations.


Since weddings can be pretty expensive and have many additional requirements, it was wiser to save some money on the additional costs and buy everything like blankets, bedsheets, or bed covers for the best prices. We had a very low budget to do all the arrangements and could not afford an expensive bed set. After visiting numerous home stores, we had realized that everything we liked was too expensive for us and the ones in our budget were not pretty. We not only wanted a good design and we were neither ready to compromise on quality. We had visited almost every market in Karachi but we found nothing good for us. After several days in our mission to find the perfect bed set, we were still unsuccessful. And then finally, I came across Plushmink. It was just the website we needed.




They had a variety of goods ranging from bed covers, bed sheets, blankets (kambal) & throws, comforters, quilts, bean bags, travel pillows, to prayer mats (Ja namaz), and whatnot! It had all the essentials we needed for our sleepover and important stuff for the Shaadi ka Ghar. It had beautiful designs and great prices too. Even though the prices were very economical, I thought to get everything at even better prices, directly from the factory outlet. Since it would not have been through so many people like the wholesalers or retailers, a price difference was guaranteed. Upon arriving, I was astonished at the beautiful designs they had for blankets, bedsheets, or bed covers. The vibrant colors and patterns were matchless. I found them to be the best blankets in Pakistan. Choosing a one-bed set was a very difficult job as all the designs were amazing. The bed sheet quality and pattern were also very nice. I was very impressed with its embossed designs. Not just the best in design but also the best price blankets. It also happened that I came across the exquisite Plush Mink gift set, which was the best gift for the newly married couple. I was satisfied with all their products and got everything I wanted. I would highly recommend PlushMink. Indeed it is the best in prices and design.



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